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LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Russian, French
DEGREES: MSW Indiana University, MA University of Pennsylvania, MBA University of Florida
LICENSE: State of New York, LMSW license number 101177.

I used to be an idea guy.

The things that have you tearing your hair out are something I know well. I may be a licensed psychotherapist these days, but first I spent 23 years in a dozen web startups, from bootstrap to IPO and beyond. I wasn’t a coder for a living, though I could muddle through in a half dozen languages.

When I wrote my first spec for a Fortune 500 brand website, the client didn’t know that the web existed.  Years passed. Tech changed. I sat with developers and agonized and exulted over wonderful creations and things gone terribly wrong in Perl -> ASP -> ColdFusion -> Java -> XML -> .NET -> Ruby -> Node.js.  I adopted, ran, and evangelized Agile, from eXtreme Programming in 1999 to Scrum and Kanban soon after.

These days, I am a people guy.

In the finale of the show Halt and Catch Fire, there is this exchange between two of the main characters: “Computers aren’t the thing, they’re the thing that gets you to the thing. You were the thing.”  My own trajectory led me to the same conclusion. The people alongside me on my journey have been the thing. Over time my priorities gradually changed from technology to people, humans as signal, technology as noise. I have pivoted from building the future to helping the builders of the future cope with their life in the present.

Unless I miss my guess, there are things in your life that are just not working the way you expected them to. It might be that you are ready to work on change.